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An established five-year company who sought assistance in solving a crucial use-case for their product. The initial goal is to take their existing platform and create a system where users can easily add digital ads onto a primary URL.


web and design


Jackson Carson
Alex Kronman
Piper Jackson-Levy
Dan Newman
Leen Obeidat



Help! need immediate assistance

To get this project started, POPFlow scheduled a three-hour microburst with the FlyteDesk team. Microbursts typically helps us create and figure out solutions to a project’s problem.

the session started off by creating a Mind Map (seen below) where we discussed and familiarized ourselves with the product’s features, users, and design.

Sketches are important

Once we conceptualized the product’s wants and needs, we dove into the Crazy Eights Method. The whole purpose is to generate a number of differnt ideas within a short period of time.

After 8 sketches, we each select a favorite idea and further expand on it. One-by-one, we present our ideas and concepts to the group then vote on the best solution/concept.

Below are samples of sketches done from our Crazy Eights session.

the finishing touches

Based on the deciding factor, which the team selected my sketches – i had the upperhand in creating the mockup designs. We wanted to provide a friendly step-by-step process for users to easily set up products onto their site.