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A harmonic idea that turned into a mobile application where acapella competitors compete and see who has the best 30-second lyrics. The goal? Creating a simple and engaging user-experience and design.


UX / UIDesign


Jason Paez
Geekbears LLC



Check out this awesome prototype made on invision!
Check out this awesome prototype made on invision!

That Distinctive Design

Derived by the concept of luxury hotels, we’ve created a subtle palette that best represents the product. Our logo was inspired from the likes of Art Deco and the architecture of the Ritz Carlton building, located in Los Angeles.

UI Implementations

We created a product tour that is clear, concise and direct for the user to understand the exclusive gamification process. White space was heavily utilized to highlight hierarchy and color balance.

InVision Prototype Time

The stakeholder requested a stage 1 prototype to test to target users to assess the product’s initial features and requirements. We set out 3 main objectives with sub-objectives we wanted to achieve prior to our first user-testing:

  1. Does the onboarding make sense and does it take too long to enter the home page?

  2. Are users able to complete the following tasks:
    A. Record a song
    B. Save a record song
    C. Rate submitted songs from different Suite 16 floors
    D. Navigate to different Suite 16 floors during monthly competition

  3. Can users access the settings and edit/delete/save necessary information within the product?

Check out the InVision prototype I created during our stage 1 process of the product!