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UI focused –

we developed a design system that is consistent across all platforms. We improved design per a follow-up request to elevate the end-user application and solve minor problems within the user-experience.


ui design


Kevin Loos
Jim Fitzgerald
Frank Brullo
Samita Mandwe
Scott Balboni



Evolving the End-User

We not only replaced the user-interface of the product, but a majority of the user-experience as well. Starting with the low-fidelity process, we created a more solid and intuitive interface that caters to a specific target audience – workers between the ages of 35-65.

Did you just ask about new features?

Throughout the iteration process, we discussed about implementing additional features for version 2 of the application. We’d ask users to rate about their experiences in solved reports. By doing so – we’d look at the variety of feedback then quantify it for future improvement.

COVID Takeover. Make use of the situation.

Real-time cleaning updates and data-driven analysis. Assisted the team in creating a landing page and presentation letter in the new COVID-19 feature on the manager platform.